golden chanterelles on the coast

Looks good enough to eat, but I’m not familiar with it so I left it.
Bears in the area. I also heard elk mewing.
Daypack for size reference. Big Douglas fir. One of thousands in area.
After several hours searching, I was headed back with a handful of small chanterelles when I decided to check out a place I’d been lucky at before. I was elated to see this large mossy patch with golden chanterelles peeking out. Within ten minutes I had all I needed.
The start and finish are at the beach.
According to my phone, my mushroom hunt took me 6.1 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain. I was hungry, so I stopped at the Luna Sea in Yachats and had some clam chowder.
That’s about two pounds of golden chanterelles. I made a delicious salmon chanterelle dinner, adding only onion, salt, and pepper. Plenty left over for future epicurean delights.