natural side

Turkish agate. North Ankara, Turkey. AMAZING. Huge Top eye appeal. Stunning everything: front and back. Super hard and solid with astounding patterns and colors. My guess is that much of this agate replaces sagenite or a similar mineral. 14 by 22 cm mirror-polished face; up to 4 cm thick; three pounds and two ounces.  SOLD

ABOVE: Condor 4. Museum specimen. All of the colors of the rainbow. Beautifully balanced in shape, color, allure, and amazement. One in a thousand are this good. Both the front and back are compelling. The back has the appearance of a tiny asteroid. As perfect as they get and stunningly beautiful. 80 by 45 mm mirror-polished face; 33 mm thick; six ounces.  SOLD

ABOVE: Condor 5. Museum specimen. Half nodule. Dreamy colors, fabulous concentric banding, nice size, great figure-eight shape, perfect condition, no fractures. It’s a conjoined twin since it appears to be two nodules that came together along the path to becoming an amazing double agate. 8 by 5 cm mirror-polished face; 34 mm thick; seven ounces.  SOLD

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