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ARG 84. Museum specimen. Patagonia, Rio Negro, Argentina. Cretaceous cycadeoid armor section. This is a slice that is specimen round but for a smoothened five centimeter edge. Diamond patterns are frond bases. Excellent cell preservation. With a good loupe or microscope, you can get lost in a jungle of hundred million year old plant cells. Beautiful, glassy lapidary material. No filler/No glue. 25 cm long by about 10 cm wide; 7 mm thick; 12 ounces. $150

FJD ARG 39. Museum specimen cone and wood set. Three excellent Jurassic specimens from Cerro Cuadrado, Patagonia, Argentina (that I’ve had stashed away for a quarter century). Jurassic cones of Araucaria and pararaucaria and a bit of wood. High grade specimens in excellent condition. No glues or fillers. The Araucaria cone comprises about 40% of a whole cone and includes the stem attachment. This baby has obviously been wandering around the windswept deserts of Santa Cruz for millennia, developing abundant character along the way. It tells a story that’s 150 million years old. Super hard and solid. (48 mm long, 49 mm wide, and 33 mm thick – 3.4 ounces.) The wood is a gemmy, colorful example – all natural but for one cut and polished end, remarkably preserved – It is a dug-out specimen that appears to have a cone attachment. Super nice wood with top cellular preservation, patterns, and colors, and please note that it’s tiny (23 by 29 mm polished face – 13 mm thick – ½ ounce). The pararaucaria cone is surface-collected and patinaed reddish tan – attractive and complete (38 mm long – 0.2 oz). SOLD

FJD ARG 32. Museum specimen. Patagonia, Argentina. Cerro Cuadrado, Jurassic unidentified. Rare full round skinny stick section. Complete branch section, as found on the exterior and cut and polished on one end. Salmon-pink-ish patina. Mysterious cells and whatnot revealed on polished face. Probable fungi. No filler – No glue. 15 by 25 mirror-polished face; 8 cm long; two ounces. $80

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