Ancient Forests: A Closer Look at Fossil Wood written by Frank J. Daniels and Richard D. Dayvault, photography by Frank J. Daniels. For Ancient Forests within the United States, the price is $75.00 with free postage by Media Mail. Add your local tax (new law) if you live in Colorado. For other countries, please inquire for shipping cost. Package weight is about 9 pounds.  All prices are in US dollars. Contact me for bulk orders. 

Frank Daniels and geologist Dick Dayvault (Rocks & Minerals editor for 30 years) team up to explore the intricacies of fossil wood by leading the reader on an expedition into the micro world of fossil wood mineralization and cell structures. 1600 color photographs, charts, and diagrams, including 438 fossil wood micro images, 40 Geologic Landscapes ™, and 46 thin section micrographs from modern conifers and hardwoods. Enormous 11.25 by 12.25 inch, 7.5 pound book with 456 pages. Major chapters address fossil wood structure and identification, the process of wood transformation to stone, fossil woods from the western United States and around the world, and three major museum collections of fossil woods. 

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries “The book is a photographic survey of most, if not all, of the major petrified wood deposits known to collectors worldwide. Highly recommended for all levels of academic libraries.”

Rock & Gem  “Amazing book. The remarkable full color photographs are the most detailed and extensive on the subject available.”

FOSSIL NEWS  “Any serious petrified wood collector, and every library, should own this book.”

Rocks & Minerals “The presentation is excellent and useful…. Ancient Forests is highly recommended and certainly well worth the price.”

Petrified Wood: The World of Fossilized Wood, Cones, Ferns, and Cycads written and photographed by Frank J. Daniels, J.D. (editors: Brooks B. Britt, Ph. D. and Richard D. Dayvault, M.S.). This book is SOLD OUT, however a few copies are available ONLY FOR PAST CUSTOMERS OR NEW CUSTOMERS WITH AN ORDER OF $500 OR MORE for $150.00 US. Add $6.00 for Postal Service Media Mail within the United States. Plus tax for Colorado deliveries. Inquire for delivery cost to other countries. The book weighs close to 3 pounds. It was the number one best seller for books in the category of “Fossil Plants” (out of 600 books) for most of 10 years on No extra charge for a signed copy.

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CHOICE Current Reviews for Academic Libraries “Petrified Wood is beautifully illustrated and serves to introduce the novice to the gamut of fossil wood types…. For the professional paleobotanist, geologist, and paleontologist, this illustrated survey of the major kinds of petrified woods from sites around the world can be quite useful…. A worthwhile addition to a general library collection.” 

FOSSIL NEWS “This is a beautiful coffee table book that will delight both the eye and mind of any aficionado of paleobotany. You certainly couldn’t find a better pictorial treatment of the subject anywhere.” 

Rock & Gem  “With 420 beautifully reproduced color photographs and easily read text, this book is both a coffee table beauty and a most interesting and useful text. An exciting new book … with superb photographs.” 

Book Description: 176 pages with 430 full color photographs of some of the most beautiful fossil specimens in existence. Chapters include Paleobotany, Geology, Mineralogy, and Collecting Petrified Materials. Hundreds of specimens from private collections are for the first time available for public view.