cabochons: agate and jasper

Agate 1. Brazil. Attractive fortification and colors. 30 by 40 mm. $30

Agate 2. Brazil. Lovely banding and colors. 30 by 40 mm. $30

Agate 3. India. A mix of agate and jasper with a lot of interesting features. 30 by 40 mm. $30

Agate 4. Montana Agate, Montana, USA. Wow! You could set this in gold. Super striking. 30 by 40 mm. $40

Jasper 1. This is not a cabochon but is a specimen round slice. It’s an unusual piece with nice colors that look like jasper from somewhere in Oregon but I cannot recall the location.  6 by 14 cm mirror-polished face; 5 mm thick, 2.5 ounces.  SOLD