Colorado 2. Museum specimen. Large log. Parker, Colorado. Tertiary hardwood from the Denver Basin. This log has a lot of character. It came from an old collection and was probably collected prior to 1960 in an area that is now covered with subdivisions near Denver. It appears to be a large branch that was violently ripped from its trunk, maybe by a yeti or a saber toothed tiger. Cut and polished on one end. The polished face has lovely golden color that looks lie caramel. What cell structure there is is indistinct. 39 cm long; 6.5 by 9 cm mirror-polished face; ten pounds and two ounces.  $250

FJD Colorado 30. Hermanophyton. McElmo Canyon, Colorado. I have owned a few dozen specimens of Hermanophyton over the years, including an amazing collection of twelve logs once owned by J. B. Sanchez of Cortez, Colorado. However, I have never before owned one anywhere close to this large, which were unknown before this discovery. The size plus the rarity of Hermanophyton altogether make this a very special piece. Prepared by Mike Hankins. I spoke with Mike about this recently, and he told me that there were only two of these large Hermanophyton logs ever found. 23 by 26 cm polished face; 37 mm thick; ten pounds and fourteen ounces. $2000

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