final collection books

With this final collection, I am including everything one would need to produce a fabulous, well-selling book. I was planning to do so myself, however due to my age and failing eyesight, I decided not to. My first book, Petrified Wood, sold out its printing of 5,000 copies. I just checked on Amazon and the current best price for a new copy of Petrified Wood is $1,130 (October 19, 2023). My second book, Ancient Forests, is currently about 79% sold out of the printing of 4,987. The current price on Amazon is $125. I am the only seller because I stopped selling them wholesale years ago.

What I am including with the collection are all images as digital files of the specimens included as well as all of the text and the right to use them in any way. Take note that micro images from these specimens will be amazing. See the micro and macro imaging essays in Ancient Forests to see what I mean.

A little known fact about the book Petrified Wood is that there are two types. Although my order was for 5,000 copies, due to production problems at the bindery I first received about 1500 copies (type 1). For the remainder, the book had to be entirely reprinted and bound (type 2). Since I had some time between the printings and had seen the first, I had them make a few changes. I didn’t like the white lettering on the jacket, so I had them make it more of a cream color. I also had them adjust the color on a few specimens and replace one specimen with another because I didn’t like the way it looked in print. A comparison of page 54 in each book shows the difference. The specimen in type 2 is darker and rounder. Included with this collection are copies of each type plus the first of the approximately 350 signed and numbered books I prepared for pre-production purchasers in 1998.

Since so many of the specimens in my collection appear in my books, I included three copies of Petrified Wood and five copies of Ancient Forests.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Extra publishing rights: What follows here will be offered to the purchaser of the collection as an option. It is not included with the collection.

The slide tray is the one I used when I spoke to groups, including at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in 1998.

I don’t expect that everyone interested in buying this collection will also be interested in the right to republish Petrified Wood and Ancient Forests, and/or to own the rights to all included text and imaging, and therefore I am making this section an option. I saved about everything from the production of both books, including all or almost all of the original 35mm slides and everything the printer had. Instead of reprinting my books, the information and images could be reimagined in an entirely new book or other media format.
Included are my last 1,000 copies of Ancient Forests with a current retail value of $125,000 and a weight of 7,500 pounds. I will keep about 25 copies for my family. My first grandson was born last week, and I am sure he’ll want one.

This add on is only available to the purchaser of the collection for the additional set price of $75,000.