final collection: Zimbabwe

Triassic Woodworthia, Rhexoxylon, and Araucaria from the vicinity of Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

10 pieces

  1. Woodworthia – a full round slice of The African Well Log – a log dug out by a villager who was down twenty-five feet digging a well. They searched extensively and could find no others down there– it’s the only log in the world with this mesmerizing set of colors in beautifully fine grained jasper and agate. When you consider the greatest logs of petrified wood ever discovered on this planet (is there petrified wood on other planets?) this is at the top of the list. It is amazing. So many tree limbs begin the long and arduous journey to become a gem quality fossil wood specimen … but so few actually make it all the way. This one did. It is one in a million. On top of that—this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful slices to come from that log. Take a gander at the agate inclusions. The green is from chromium—same as with emeralds—but this is far rarer than an emerald. 13 by 11.5 cm polished face; 8 mm thick; eight ounces.

2. Woodworthia. Perfect. Featured on page 125 of Ancient Forests. 77 by 78 mm polished face; 88 mm tall; two pounds.

3. Woodworthia. Green and white. Featured on pages 120 and 125 of Ancient Forests. 66 by 84 mm polished face; 94 mm tall; one pound and fourteen ounces.

4. Woodworthia. Rare purple. Featured on pages 120 and 125 of Ancient Forests. 60 by 68 mm polished face; 62 mm tall; one pound and two ounces.

These next two are large logs. They are sitting on my fireplace hearth where they’ve been for a while. These are handheld cell phone snapshots since these logs are too big for me to manhandle as a septuagenarian. [Note: the bookends are from Stinkingwater, Oregon and will be included with my Oregon collection.]

5. Woodworthia. Rare forked trunk. Light green/blue. Cut flat on unpolished base. 13 by 12 and 15 by 12 polished faces; 37 cm tall; 65 pounds.

6. Woodworthia. All natural but for cut and polished face. 19 by 21 polished face; 35 cm tall; 65 pounds.

7. Araucaria. All natural but for cut and polished face. Specimen round/40-50% of full. Remarkable chromium turquoise green – thin-layer golden brown patina. 4.5 by 9 cm polished face; 8 cm tall; one pound and ten ounces.

8. Rhexoxylon. Thick slice with nice detail and unusual color.. Appears in Ancient Forests with a full page at page 124. No glue or filler. 20 by 23 cm polished face; 16 mm thick; two pounds and fourteen ounces.

9. Woodworthia. Full round slice. Dreamy colors and superb preservation. 16 by 11 polished face; 16 mm thick; one pound and four ounces.

10. Araucaria. Full round slice. Gemmy green. 10 by 10.5 cm polished face; 12 mm thick; seven ounces.


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