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It’s time to find a new home for my final collection. With this end in mind, I spent more than three years organizing and describing the individual specimens, exercising extreme care to ensure this collection includes only the best of the best. My focus is on beauty and perfection. It belongs in a museum, yet I am not in a position to give it away. My preference is to find a buyer who will donate it to a museum that would be excited to have it. Another appealing option would be a private collector with the intent to find a museum home in the future. I am in my 75th year on this planet, which I expect is the only planet with petrified wood. I am putting out the word to see what kind of interest it generates. I would prefer a private transaction. If I don’t sell it, you’ll have to deal with my heirs who know nothing about it. So here it is:

The final fossil wood collection of Frank J. Daniels, comprising mostly cabinet sized, remarkably perfect, repeatedly beautiful, frequently awe-inspiring, chiefly gem quality, exquisite natural sculptures, specimens of trees that grew tens to hundreds of millions of years ago. Unfathomably rare in this state of mineralization and perfection. The vast majority of the pieces contain no glue or fillers of any kind. Gem Quality and Museum Quality only.
649 pieces total. 121 of the specimens are featured in my books, 33 in Petrified Wood, published in 1998, and 88 in Ancient Forests, published in 2006.
Curated by Frank J. Daniels.

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My Collector Life

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Collection Notes

Anyone seriously interested in buying the collection should contact me for more information.

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