mineral specimens

fluorite, galena – Naica, Mexico. Large museum size shelf of perfect, nicely formed, fluorite crystals with galena and quartz. Naica fluorite crystals have fantastic shapes and are easily recognizable as Naica. This shelf is terminated on the bottom and on the long curving side and displays beautifully. 22 by 22 cm and 6 cm thick; 8 ½ pounds.  $750

vesuvianite with grossular – Lake Jaco, Mexico, Ex-Rice Museum Collection. The Rice Museum must have found a fantastic specimen of this mineral in order to replace this one. The specimen and the location are not rare, but top pieces like this are. It has shining luster all around including on both pyramidal ends. 56 mm long by 31 by 31 mm; 92 grams.  $45

prehnite, quartz, byssolite – Manassas Quarry, Virginia, Rice Museum Collection. The original card had the information above. There’s a lot going on, right down to the alluring, silky blue-gray prehnite that underlies it all. Tiny, gemmy green crystals and delicate bysollite coat about half of the smooth prehnite. You need to use magnification to see the tiny byssolite hairs. 64 by 52 by 34 mm; 130 grams. $80

martite (hematite after magnetite) – Payun Volcano, Altiplano da Payun Matru, Mendoza, Argentina. Lustrous and shiny metallic-looking with large, nicely shaped crystals. Perfect. 66 by 68 by 51 mm; 7 ounces. SOLD