Montana 5. Museum specimen from Tom Miner Basin. Tertiary. Specimen round log section with unusual colors in a wide range of green. The wood is not all that solid so I treated the face with CA and had it polished by a professional in Oregon. The shape is reminiscent of a load of sandwich bread. Attractive and gnarled exterior. In preparation for Ancient Forests I prepared ten cubic cm cubes of assorted woods from around the world, eight of them green —two from Zimbabwe, three from Winslow, and one each from Tom Miner Basin, Montana (self-collected), Hampton Butte, Oregon, and Budweis in the Czech Republic, along with two test cubes—a red a yellow from Arizona— and we had them tested by Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. The tests showed that the green in the Tom Miner sample was from iron oxide. 15 by 11cm polished face; up to 9 cm thick; five pounds and nine ounces.  $100

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