New Mexico

FJD New Mexico 2. Museum Specimen hardwood. I would put this beautiful full round slice in the same category as the finest quality wood from any location anywhere. It’s a perfect beauty with phenomenal beauty and perfection. It is one of the two finest specimens of fossil wood from New Mexico I have owned. The colors are rich and glassy and it has super nice agate pockets. It is Tertiary in age from the area of Cuba, New Mexico. It has beautifully preserved hardwood cell structures that remind me of tropical hardwood, which may be what it is as I know that fossil palm is found in the same area. It’s quite amazing. No glue – No fillers. 14.5 by 12.5 cm mirror polished face; 9 mm thick; nine ounces.  $300

FJD New Mexico 3. Museum Specimen, Nacimiento Mining District, Northern New Mexico. Triassic; Chinle Formation. This offer is for both specimens. This is an unusual form of fossilized wood in that rather than being predominately silicon dioxide, it comprises a wide palate of largely copper associated minerals, such as covellite, chalcocite, bornite, pyrite, silver, malachite, and chalcopyrite.  [See Ancient Forests at pages 173-174 to see these two specimens and for more information.]  No glue – No fillers. These are not cut or polished –as found. The longer one is 78 mm long and the wider one is up to 37 mm wide; together they weigh two ounces.  SOLD