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FJD OR 99. Prineville area fern-like Museum Piece. Here’s something different. You be the judge because I am uncertain – It appears to be some sort of fern. Most of this material I’ve seen is heavily fractured but this one’s in nice condition and is a rare full round with pretty much no fractures. All natural but for the cut and polished end. 34 by 64 mm mirror-polished face; 7 cm long; nine ounces.  $100

OR 63. South Fork Crooked River. Oligocene; John Day formation. Full round limbcast slice-like end cut. One natural end and one end cut and flat-polished to a mirror finish. The gem polished face is stunning and well-balanced. The surviving wood remnants are clustered along what was the geopedal bottom, while the rest became agate. Overall perfection and allure. Glassy and amazing when backlit. No glue/No filler. 54 by 95 mm polished face; 12 mm thick; three ounces. SOLD

FJD OR 153. Grassy Mountain Museum specimen. Succor Creek formation; Miocene, Malheur County, OR. Rugged, surface-collected wood from Grassy Mountain with much allure and interest. The shape makes you wonder what the heck happened to this tree over the last thirty-million years. No doubt it spent the final few millennia knocking around a hot and windy desert, lending it a rugged demeanor. A beautifully patinaed hunk with one cut and polished face that offers an elaborate display of color and design. No filler or glue – the thrill of natural beauty. 13 by 3 cm mirror-polished face; 5 cm thick; one pound. $225

FJD OR 154. Grassy Mountain Museum specimen. Succor Creek formation; Miocene, Malheur County, OR. Lovely specimen round with standard Grassy coloration. Semi-ring-porous hardwood. No filler or glue. Glassy. 11 by 10 cm mirror-polished face; 5 mm thick; four ounces.  SOLD

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