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FJD OR 39. Grassy Mountain. Miocene. PERFECTION in a full round hardwood limb section. Beautiful inside and out and flawless. It’s like a solid piece of glass.
One natural end. 8.5 by 7 cm polished face; 67 mm tall; one pound and seven ounces. $750 SOLD

FJD OR 135. McDermitt Museum Specimen. Miocene Trout Creek formation. This full round branch has a lot going on. It’s an old-time surface-collected piece, a knotty little branch with two glassy limb stumps. Conifer with a bull’s-eye of twelve or more growth rings, a slow grower. Glassy and somewhat opalized at the exterior. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. No glue/No filler. 32 by 35 mm polished face; 9 cm long; six ounces. $115

FJD OR 136. Owyhee Mountains Museum Specimen. Tertiary conifer. Cut and polished on one side (longitudinal), otherwise as found. Gnarly and eye-catching. Captivating bark-like exterior. Super hard and solid. Pleasant colors. No glue/No filler. 7.5 by 7.5 cm polished face; 38 mm thick; twelve ounces. $85

FJD OR 143. McDermitt Zimmerman Ranch Museum Specimen. Miocene Trout Creek formation. Full round branch – an old-time surface-collected piece. Semi-diffuse porous hardwood with absolutely stunning cellular preservation which is almost as distinct on the uncut end as on the polished end. Woody exterior with the distinctive reddish patina of Zimmerman Ranch. Hard and glassy mineralization. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. No glue/No filler. 44 by 40 mm polished face; 8.5 cm long; ten ounces. $115 SOLD

FJD OR 40. Oak. Triple heart. Deschutes. Cenozoic. Stunning large full round slice. Beautiful oak rays everywhere. Several spots have eroded away over the millennia leaving gaps in what is otherwise a solid and well silicified piece. 30 by 27 cm polished face; 13 mm thick; four pounds and six ounces. SOLD

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