paperweights: Antique American

PW1150. Boston & Sandwich Museum Piece. Poinsettia. This is an excellent example for the type. Nicely made and large. The bubbles are typical and are not unattractive on this one. Condition is excellent repolished. The base and basal rim show some wear. The dome is perfect. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 2 inches tall; one pound. $450

PW1577. Boston & Sandwich Museum Piece. Cherries. These cherries are particularly delicious looking. The outer portions are translucent. Condition is excellent. It has been repolished. Note the leaves separated from the stem, not uncommon in these old Americans. 2 1/2 inch diameter; 1 11/16 inches tall; nine ounces. $450

PW3034. Boston & Sandwich Museum Piece. Poinsettia on Jasper Ground. This is an excellent example for the type. It is nicely made and one of the very few that remain in original, unrestored condition – remarkable. It even has some original tiny dimples at the apex. The bubbles are typical. Condition is excellent. It looks great to the naked eye (mine anyway) and with magnification you can see some scratches and a few minor nibbles. The petal to the outer left has a thread of glass on it that looks like a tiny caterpillar. 2 11/16 inch diameter; 1 13/16 inches tall; fourteen ounces. $550