paperweights: Baccarat, France – Lagoons

PW2807. Baccarat Modern Super Magnum Pedestal Museum Piece 1998* Limited Edition of 50 – NUMBER 41. Lagoons, “a magnum sized piedouche featuring white-lined emperor fish and royal blue surgeon fish swimming in a tropical lagoon (Dunlop).  This paperweight is pictured in Baccarat Paperweights: Two Centuries of Beauty by Paul Dunlop on page 234 and fills the entire page. A two dimensional picture, no matter how expertly taken, cannot possible compete with the view you have holding this in your hand under a good light with time to watch the fish swim peacefully through the warm crystal clear water. There is more to this weight than we see at first glance. Condition is excellent/perfect. Limited edition of 50 and numbered 41/50 along with 1998 for the year and etched with the Baccarat logo. This and the few other large pedestal weights Baccarat make in their waning years are testament to the skill and breath of talent of the great paperweight artists at Baccarat – the artisans skills had been steadily building from the 1950s and now, in what rumors surly warned was a line with numbered years, out of spite and pride came these few amazing masterpieces. Each is an important piece in art glass history. Comes with box and original certificate of authenticity –the box is very large to accommodate this huge glass sculpture – the box is 8 ¾ inches tall by 7 ¼ by 7 ¼ and with the weight weighs a hair under nine pounds. Actual paperweight is 4 7/8 inch diameter; 5 inches tall; the glass paperweight weighs six pounds and four ounces.  $3300