paperweights: Baccarat, France * the mouse

PW2636. Rare Baccarat MAGNUM 1972 MOUSE WEIGHT – one of the coolest paperweights ever made. An important piece in the history of Baccarat paperweights. These years for Baccarat: 50s into 70s, especially 1967-1972 or so, are Baccarat’s early modern era. It was a time of much action in the paperweight section of the famous glassworks in Nancy, France. Paperweights brough new life into the business which had been decimated by World War Two. These were years of practice and innovation, a crucible of paperweight art. This is a one-of-a-kind paperweight, and it’s a new style for Baccarat with a realistic ground. The mouse is handsome with piercing red eyes and the ground upon which he stands is fabulous – a shimmering translucent sea green with bounteous color and texture and a signature cane “B1972”. It’s not technically emerald green, however, I have seen emeralds this color. It seems like a wet environment that a mouse would wander around in at night while foraging, yet it’s also gemlike and magical.

This paperweight is pictured Baccarat Paperweights: Two Centuries of Beauty by Paul Dunlop on page 180. Etched with the Baccarat logo on the base and no number even though a place was prepared for it. Dunlop writes: “One-of-a-kind mouse on realistic ground. A very well made weight despite the unusual subject.”  3 1/4 inch diameter;  2 1/16 inches tall; one pound and eight ounces. Condition is excellent – you’d have to look hard to find even minute shelfwear.  $1500