paperweights: John Deacons

John Deacons (Scotland): One of the living Scottish masters, John Deacons began his art glass career at Strathearn Glass in 1967 and later worked at Perthshire for more than ten years. In 1978 he started his own lines of paperweights, including J Glass and Saint Kilda. His work is precise and artistic.

PW1596. John Deacons Museum Quality. Filigree Crown with Rose. Fabulous crown design. Signature cane in the base “JD 2011” with sticker. 2 13/16 inch diameter; 2 3/16 inches tall; 14 ounces. $100

PW3223 . John Deacons magnum encased triple overlay museum piece. Very few glass artists who ever lived could make a paperweight like this. As an overlay weight, it was a paperweight that was essentially complete as a flower with two buds on a filigree cushion that was returned to the tank to have a layer of color added, and then another, and then another. Then … once it annealed, it was cut by a skilled glass cutter/engraver in a way to use the three layers of colored glass to add to the beauty of the creation – here we have the blue layer on the inside, fuchsia on the outside, and white sandwiched between. Then comes the hard part. The completed weight with the faceted triple overlay is then returned to the tank to receive a thick encasement of clear glass that is then faceted. There are a lot of ways this can go wrong along the way – this one is perfect. 3 3/4 inch diameter; 2 5/8 inches tall; two pounds and one ounce. Includes a “JHD 2013” signature cane in the base.  Condition: Pristine/New/Perfect.   SOLD

PW2424 . John Deacons magnum pedestal museum piece. The pinnacle of pedestal closepacks! It takes an experienced craftsman like John Deacons to build a weight like this. When designing this paperweight, he saw the vision of a floral bouquet preserved with its design and color in crystal glass for eternity. The result is a stunning piece. 3 1/2 inch diameter; 3 ¾ inches tall; two pounds. Includes a “JD” signature cane as well as his signature thistle cane.  Condition: Pristine/New/Perfect.   SOLD