paperweights: Murano, Italy, page 2

PW2012. Classic Murano 1854-1980 Fratelli Toso Museum Piece

Pink chrysanthemum. Ingeniously constructed petals and sepals with a starry cane at the center. The sticker on the side reads: “Made in Italy Murano Glass” and has the FT logo of Fratelli Toso, one of the greatest old Murano Glass Companies that was in operation from 1854 to 1980. Condition is excellent.  3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 11/16 inches tall; one pound and six ounces.  SOLD

PW3254. Murano Museum Piece. Orderly Flower Garden with fabulous flower beds separated by pink and white twists. Fratelli Toso. Fratelli Toso was in business from 1854 to 1980. Great bright colors over a translucent green ground. It is a garden! Flat polished base. Condition is excellent with slight shelfwear. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 1/2 inches tall; one pound and five ounces. $85

PW3229. Murano AVEM Tutti Frutti small vase. Of the many glass styles employed by the glass artists of Murano over the centuries, my favorite is the AVEM tutti frutti style popularized during the 1950s. It’s the most colorful and exciting glass, complete with filigree twists, canes, colorful ribbons, and lots of bright, sparkling aventurine. They used tutti frutti glass in all objects, including paperweights. This is a small vase. Condition is excellent. Has original sticker. Beautiful. 2 9/16 inches tall; 2 3/8 inches at its widest; ten ounces. $60

PW2532. Unusual Fratelli Toso or AVEM Beehive faceted Concentric Closepack Magnum Museum Piece. This is an older Murano weight (circa 1930s-1950s). Fratelli Toso, one of the greatest old Murano Glass Companies, was in operation from 1854 to 1980. AVEM, also a great one, was in business from 1932-1976. This attractive work comprises a nice set nicely domed, classic Muranese canes in a stunning and vibrant variety of colors and intricate designs over a clear crystal base. Condition is fairly amazing—it has been in collections all its life no doubt—is as if in a shop for sale when made. It’s a rare and beautiful piece. All original. 3 1/2 inch diameter; 3 1/8 inches tall; one pound and fourteen ounces. $250

PW2852. Ferro & Lazzarini Museum Piece. The Murano glassworks of Ferro & Lazzarini sold last century when the owners grew too old to continue operations. In their peak, they produced magnificent paperweights like this one. The new owners produced some beautiful glass items, but not high quality paperweights. The condition and quality of this one is excellent – if you picked it up for sale as new in an Italian glass shop, you’d think it was recently made. It is an adeptly made paperweight with beautiful cane work in a peaceful design that includes complex, stunning, and rare canes. 3 1/8 inches in diameter; 2 inches tall; one pound. $110

PW2945. Murano Closepack Museum Piece. Stunning closepack in the style of Baccarat and Clichy. The closely packed colorful canes sit atop a multicolored ground. Flat polished base. I have seen these offered for sale as Clichy. I believe the maker is AVEM ( Arte Vetraria Muranese) but am not 100% certain – there has never been a good book about Italian glass paperweights, which is a shame. AVEM was in business from 1932-1976. My estimate for this is 1930s-1940s. This one is a top example. The nicely-domed canes are crisp and brightly colored; the craftsmanship overall is excellent: and the colors and design work well together. Condition is excellent for the age – light shelf and surface wear. 3 1/4 inch diameter; 2 5/16 inches tall; one pound and five ounces. SOLD

PW107. Murano, Italy. Millefiori. Probable Fratelli Toso. This paperweights dates to mid-20th Century. It is a classic design for that period in Murano and is beautifully constructed. The canes are composed of multiple layers with strong colors that complement each other well. Note the translucent sky blue layer around the red/green canes – very unusual. Very nice pre-owned condition with no nicks, dings, or serious scratches. It shows minimal wear. It is heavy and has a pleasing domed shape with a polished flat base in the Murano style. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 ¾ inches tall; one pound, seven ounces. $45