paperweights: Murano, Italy, page 2

PW2012. Classic Murano 1854-1980 Fratelli Toso Museum Piece

Pink chrysanthemum. Ingeniously constructed petals and sepals with a starry cane at the center. The sticker on the side reads: “Made in Italy Murano Glass” and has the FT logo of Fratelli Toso, one of the greatest old Murano Glass Companies that was in operation from 1854 to 1980. Condition is excellent.  3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 11/16 inches tall; one pound and six ounces.  $85

PW3254. Murano Museum Piece. Orderly Flower Garden with fabulous flower beds separated by pink and white twists. Fratelli Toso. Fratelli Toso was in business from 1854 to 1980. Great bright colors over a translucent green ground. It is a garden! Flat polished base. Condition is excellent with slight shelfwear. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 1/2 inches tall; one pound and five ounces. $85

PW3229. Murano AVEM Tutti Frutti small vase. Of the many glass styles employed by the glass artists of Murano over the centuries, my favorite is the AVEM tutti frutti style popularized during the 1950s. It’s the most colorful and exciting glass, complete with filigree twists, canes, colorful ribbons, and lots of bright, sparkling aventurine. They used tutti frutti glass in all objects, including paperweights. This is a small vase. Condition is excellent. Has original sticker. Beautiful. 2 9/16 inches tall; 2 3/8 inches at its widest; ten ounces. $60