paperweights: North American others, page 2

PW1452. Wesley Lutz Red Tulip Museum Piece, circa 1970-1975. Rare. Bright cherry red exquisite little tulip. Encased in crystal with top and side flat facets. Rare and stunning. Impeccable work. Mr. Lutz made very few weights. Hard to find for the crimp rose collector. Excellent condition. 2 1/4 inches diameter; 1 7/8 inches tall; eight ounces.  $175

PW2940. John Degenhart crimp rose Museum Piece.This was one of John Degenhart’s most popular weights way back when – 1950s and 1960s. It’s a pink and white crimp rose in a fancy cut “cushion” (truncated globe). This took a lot of work to finish. If you recognize the name Degenhart, you are familiar with American pioneers of the glass paperweight Renaissance that began in the 1940s with Charles Kaziun and others. The book American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers by Jean Melvin is an essential resource for one interested in this period. Rare piece. Condition is excellent. 1 15/16 inch across; 2 5/8 inches on the diagonal, meaning that the diameter of the weight prior to the faceting was 2 5/8 inches; 1 9/16 inches tall; seven ounces. $150

PW3101. Crimp Rose Extra Magnum Low Dome Museum Piece by Prestige Glass. A beautiful paperweight that you cannot stop from caressing. It is very large at 4 ¾ inches in diameter – shaped like a flying saucer. Stunning orange rose. Hot stamp on base reads: PRESTIGE ART GLASS 2004. Condition is just as if you bought it from the factory shop in 2004 -perfect. 2 inches tall; 3 5/16 inch diameter; two pounds and six ounces. $175

PW2316. Louis Kain Museum Piece (circa 1960s-1970s. Louis Kain has to be one of the most obscure paperweight artists who ever twirled a pontil rod. I looked in all my usual sources and the only mention I found was in Andy Dohan’s dictionary of signature canes. The Kain weight he shows has a complex lampworked pompon much like one of the two in this extraordinarily rare weight.The base is a beautiful translucent midnight blue. Signed with his nearly indecipherable LK cane. Condition is excellent/like new. 2 3/16 inch diameter; 1 3/4 inches tall; seven ounces.  $50 SOLD

PW2291. Harold Hacker Museum Piece. (circa 1960s to 1970s). For the collector of rare and unusual American Paperweight Renaissance pieces. Flower on mottled blue crystal ground. Very well made. Harold Hacker thought it was a nice one since he signed his full name rather than just his initials as he normally did. Signed Harold J. Hacker. Excellent condition/like new. 2 1/8 inch diameter; 1 9/16 inches tall; seven ounces.  Condition is excellent/like new. SOLD

PW2831. Ron Hansen. Very nice moth. Unsigned. 1960s. Condition is excellent/like new. Yes, it has bubbles. If the bubbles bother you, don’t buy it. If you want a nice piece of paperweight history, this is a nice one. Other than the goofy eyes and the bubbles, it’s a beautiful moth.  2 5/16 inch diameter; 1 3/8 inches tall; seven ounces. $100