paperweights: Perthshire

PW3256. Perthshire swirl. Museum piece. Swirl with complex center cane. Drawn-in double reverse filigree cables in a 5-5-5-5 pattern alternating violet and gold. Flat base. 2 7/16 inch diameter; 1 3/4 inches tall; eight ounces. Condition: Excellent. Status: beautiful. SOLD

PW3135. Perthshire Limited Edition Annual Collection 1973A Swan on the Pond (250 made). This was Perthshire’s first hollow weight, seemingly influenced by antique Baccarat hollow weights, such as theirs with a single white swan inside a hollow faceted weight with a star cut base, same as this. There’s just enough green to give the hint of a pond. The swan is alluring.  3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 9/16 inches tall; fifteen ounces.  Condition is excellent/perfect.   $450