paperweights: Perthshire

Perthshire Paperweights, Scotland (1968-2001) 

PW3080. Perthsire Crimp Rose Museum Piece. (PP133) This is the tall version of Perthshire’s crimp flower, made 1990-1993. Facets are slightly concave. Condition is excellent. Stunning piece. 2 1/2 inches in diameter Ball); 3 inch diameter foot; 5 ¼ inches tall; one pound.  SOLD

PW3256. Perthshire swirl. Museum piece. Swirl with complex center cane. Drawn-in double reverse filigree cables in a 5-5-5-5 pattern alternating violet and gold. Flat base. 2 7/16 inch diameter; 1 3/4 inches tall; eight ounces. Condition: Excellent. Status: beautiful. $90

PW3135. Perthshire Limited Edition Annual Collection 1973A Swan on the Pond (250 made). This was Perthshire’s first hollow weight, seemingly influenced by antique Baccarat hollow weights, such as theirs with a single white swan inside a hollow faceted weight with a star cut base, same as this. There’s just enough green to give the hint of a pond. The swan is alluring.  3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 9/16 inches tall; fifteen ounces.  Condition is excellent/perfect.   $450