paperweights: Randall Grubb

Randall Grubb (California and Oregon, USA). Randy Grubb began his glass-working career at Correia Glass in Southern California. Like other top flight glass artists, Randall is obviously a genius. He was building Hot Rod racing cars as a teenager and has a degree in Business from the University of Southern California. While working at Correia on technical aspects of glass production, he became fascinated by paperweight art and especially by lampwork. He built his own studio and began making lampwork weights in 1986. At some point, he stopped working with glass and returned to work in race cars. His glass paperweights are amazingly perfect and his flowers are some of the most perfect ever made, with petals the thickness of actual flower petals – amazing. He used the best optical quality glass available.

PW1692. Randall Grubb Museum Piece. Bouquet on clear ground. Signed Randall Grubb ’86. 2 15/16 inch diameter; 2 7/16 inches tall; one pound and half an ounce. Condition is perfect. $400

PW1693. Randall Grubb Museum Piece. Stunning many-petaled dahlia signed Randall Grubb ‘87. Constructed in three levels. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 1/4 inches tall; one pound, one ounce. Condition is perfect. $400 SOLD

PW1686. Randall Grubb Museum Piece. Five blue to purple blossoms on green stem. Signed Randall Grubb ‘96. “G” cane on back of stem end. Condition is excellent. 3 3/16 inch diameter; 2 7/16 inches tall; one pound and four ounces. $450 SOLD