paperweights: Ronald Hansen

Ronald E Hansen 1913-1987), USA. In the 1960s Ron was one of the better known artists working in the field. The book American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers, published in 1967, devotes a full chapter to him. As a lamp worker, he traveled to fairs and expositions demonstrating his skills. No two of his weights are identical. On an interesting side, he had the reputation of selling weights with flaws or problems such as obvious annealing cracks or other problems. I think the reason was he thought first of all of how much work went into it and secondly that there would surely be someone, some child perhaps, who’d just love to have it as is (who wouldn’t). So for whatever reason, you see he work in a wide range from a bit sloppy and less skilled in his very early work to beautifully made and even sophisticated. One of his works is listed in Paul Jokelson’s iconic book from the 1960s, One Hundred of the most important Paperweights. His work is an absolute must for a collection of American paperweight artists’ work, or better yet a suite of his work. (I might avoid the sulphides.) Unquestionably he was one of the masters of the American Paperweight Renaissance. Some people claim that he signed with his full name of Ronald E Hansen when he was especially proud of a piece and shorter versions for lesser pieces.

Robert E Hansen (b.1964), USA. Son of Ronald Hansen. Followed in his father’s footsteps. He produced far fewer weights than did Ron.

PW2831. Ron Hansen. Very nice butterfly. Unsigned. Condition is excellent.  2 5/16 inch diameter; 1 3/8 inches tall; seven ounces. $150

PW3013. Ron Hansen (1910-1987), Mackinaw City, Michigan, USA, circa 1960s. The book American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers, published in 1967, devotes a full chapter to Ron Hansen. This is a beautiful as well as historically significant paperweight from one of the masters of The American Paperweight Renaissance. Bird on a branch. In the iconic book from the 1960s, One Hundred of the most important Paperweights, by paperweight legend Paul Jokelson, includes one of Ron Hansen’s Bird on a Branch weights as #100. So if you want one of the 100 most important paperweights of all time as viewed from the 1960s by the preeminent paperweight expert, this is for you. The others in the book will cost quite a bit more – they are Clichy, Pantin, Baccarat, Mount Washington, and so on. Translucent medium blue ground. Signed to the base: “Ronald E. Hansen”. It has been reported that he signed only his best weights with his full name like this. Condition is excellent. 2 3/8 inch diameter; 1 3/4 inches tall; eight ounces.  $375 SOLD