paperweights: Saint Louis, France – modern, page 4

PW2946. Saint Louis Museum Piece. 1970 Limited Edition Magnum. Pistachio clematis with center cane with “SL 1970”. One of three limited edition weights produced by Saint Louis in 1970. The faceting is a traditional cut dating to the 1850s and gives this weight a classical look and feel. Depending on the viewing angle, you can get a kaleidoscopic effect. The deep cobalt blue ground makes an elegant and dramatic backdrop for the pistachio and green of the flower and bud. 3 5/16 inch diameter; 2  inches tall; one pound and six ounces. Condition: slight shelfwear otherwise perfect, as new. $450 SOLD

PW1266. Saint Louis Magnum Museum Piece Limited Edition 1975. Eleven cherries on double twisted filigree base. By making a weight with cherries on twisted double filigree, the Saint Louis company continued a tradition dating back to the 1850s. The concave faceting nicely multiplies the cherries. Signature cane in the base “SL1975” . Condition is excellent – looks as if it just came from the Saint Louis factory store. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 2 1/16 inches tall; one pound and four ounces. $400

PW3139. Saint Louis/Hermes 1999 Museum Piece. “Les Petites Marguerites” Limited edition of only 150. A truly stunning bouquet. Fabulous work. Beautiful French glass art, crafted by the world’s greatest glass artisans at Saint Louis, France (a division of Hermes). 100% glass paperweight. Excellent condition with no problems whatsoever, as perfect as if you bought it at a fancy shop in Paris the year it was made. Signature cane: SL 1999. Numbered 91/150. Has box and certificate. Six side concave facets and one on the top. 3 5/16 inch diameter; 2 1/4 inches tall; one pound and nine ounces. $700

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