FJD Turkey 2. Museum specimen. Excellent example of this fine and rare material. This full round cross-section of Cupressinoxylon is from Kizilcahaman, Turkey, an area first depleted and then closed, making this a rare specimen in addition to being perfect and beautiful. Derbach included this forest in his book: about The World’s 31 Most Beautiful Petrified Forests. The exterior is bright white and the polished face has an unusual color that is difficult to describe other than with the picture. It’s a unique shade – faint pastel that sometimes it seems lavender or slightly pink in addition to some tan and brown and a bit of red. Cell preservation is excellent. The quality of the fine China-like silica that comprises this piece is at the top of excellence. No fractures, no glue, no filler.  14 by 9 cm mirror-polished face; 13 mm thick; eight ounces.  $150