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FJD UTAH 37. Henry Mountains Champagne bubbles wood. Rare full round – super solid with fabulous colors as well as champagne bubbles. RARE.
Jurassic; Morrison formation. Wood from a discrete area in the Henry Mountain drainage where the wood has a unique set of colors and mineralization including tiny ochre dots that have the appearance of champagne bubbles. Here’s a full round of the type in excellent condition – cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. No glue or filler. 4.5 by 4.5 cm mirror-polished face; 4 cm thick; six ounces. $115
[For other champagne bubble images see, Petrified Wood at page 100, 2 images on right, and Ancient Forests, page 281, bottom 3 images and a micro-image on age 7, top left.]

FJD UTAH 32. Shitemaring Canyon – Henry Mountains. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Specimen round – nice and solid with good exterior all around, ivory white with reds, a delightful combination with great balance. Super hard mineralization. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise all natural. A real beauty. No glue or filler. 5 by 4 cm mirror-polished face; up to 4.5 cm thick; eight ounces. $115

FJD UTAH 33. Henry Mountains. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Small, thin, full round slice – super glassy, magnificently agatized wood. No glue or filler. 9 by 5.5 cm mirror-polished face; 5 mm thick; two ounces. $115

FJD UTAH 34. The Knob at North Wash. Henry Mountains. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Specimen round as found and cut thin near one end – this includes both polished pieces. Nice cabinet specimen with wonderful mineralization – fine grained silica with a broad range of muted color sand splashes of red – very pleasing. Rugged exterior is deeply patinated. No glue or filler. 6 by 5 cm mirror-polished faces; 63 mm thick both pieces together; fourteen ounces.  $95


Utah 55. Hansen Creek Henry Mountains. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Specimen round conifer with an overall gold and black color scheme. Rugged and interesting exterior. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. 9 by 4 cm mirror-polished face; 5 cm thick; thirteen ounces. $40

Utah 56. Museum quality Henry Mountain wood. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Specimen round conifer. Gem glassy with deep gold translucence – super high-grade wood yet rugged like the desert where it resided. Great example of top Henry wood.
Woody and glassy exterior. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. 46 by 38 mm mirror-polished face; 8.5 cm long; ten ounces. $100


Utah 57 Museum quality Henry Mountain wood. Jurassic; Morrison formation. Full round conifer with an attractive, woody exterior, solid mineralization. Glassy and essentially fracture-free. The color is shiny black. Looks like there’s a large knot on the side. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. 4 by 7 cm mirror-polished face; 53 mm tall; twelve ounces. $45

shows unpolished bottom

FJD UTAH 39. Escalante, Utah. Jurassic Morrison formation. Some of the best wood ever found in Utah was discovered near the town of Escalante, home to Escalante Petrified Forest Sate Park, which contains incredible huge colorful logs, and is definitely worth a visit. Much of the Escalante wood escaped the fracturing forces that cracked Morrison wood in other locations. When I first hunted wood in Utah (1980s), the Escalante area had already been heavily collected. I hunted all over with little success. Interesting story: Any rockhound who visited the Henry Mountain area in the 70s and 80s knew Ernie Shirley and his rock shop in Hanksville. Ernie was a great guy and his shop once was the source for the best rocks Utah had to offer. I got to know Ernie pretty well and spent many hours with him over the years. One hot day I was there and asked if he had any great wood tucked away. He was in a good mood and let me look through a room that had been off limits. Boxes everywhere. I spent a few hours searching, breathing old dust, and under much other stuff I found a single dust-covered cardboard box containing small, individually wrapped limb sections of some of the most amazing wood I’d ever seen. It was not cut or polished but its quality was obvious. I was ecstatic. Ernie had family over in Escalante and at some point scored this wood. I was a little nervous about asking for a price. When I brought the wood into Ernie in his shop, he said: “You weren’t supposed to find those,” with his broad smile. He turned to Blue, his old mostly blind blue healer, and said “What do you think Blue?” Blue was obese as Ernie left a bowl of dog biscuits out for him 24 hours a day. So that’s how I obtained the Escalante hoard, including this beauty. My first book, Petrified Wood, has pictures of four pieces from the Escalante hoard, including this one. This one is a screamer – they all were. Full round, cut on both ends and polished on the top. Incredible, deep translucence. Yellow Cat wood has nothing on this. Fined grained silica. No glue or filler. 38 by 60 cm mirror-polished face; 27 mm thick; four ounces. SOLD