UTAH 147. Museum specimen . The Knob. Henry Mountain Jurassic full round log section cut on both ends and polished on the top. The defining point of this piece is the very rare color purple. Near flawless. 5.5 by 4.5 cm mirror-polished face; 3 to 2 cm thick; 105 grams.  $50

Utah 177. Museum specimen. Jurassic Henry Mountain cycad. This little cycad piece is solid and opalized. It is untouched.  11 cm long by 57 mm by 52 mm; 13 ounces.  $90

UTAH 153. Henry Mountain Jurassic full round branch end. 39 by 46 mm mirror-polished face; 34 mm long; 92 grams.  $28

UTAH 156. Museum quality. Henry Mountain Jurassic specimen round branch end with a lot of deep red and an attractive exterior. 25 by 46 mm mirror-polished face; 60 mm long; 134 grams.  $46

Utah 161. Museum specimen.  Full round limb end from the Henry Mountains. Jurassic. Interesting growth on exterior. 5 by 4 cm mirror polished face; 6.5 cm long; 7.5 ounces.  $55