FJD WASH 10. Museum specimen Cypress Root from Saddle Mountain, WA. Columbia River Basalt Flows, Miocene. Cut and polished on one end and otherwise natural. Full round with a killer polished face and a gnarled, interesting exterior. Very hard and solid. It’s nice all around– super glassy and about perfect. Another dream under magnification. No filler – No glue. It has an old collector number on the back – number 1513 – that dude had a big collection. This is an old find from an old collection. Polished face measures 18 by 11 cm; up to about 9 cm thick; six pounds and one ounce. $300

WASH 22. Saddle Mountain Cypress Root. Full round cypress root. Cut and polished on one end, natural on the other. No fillers – No glue. Attractive.  6 by 8.5 cm mirror-polished face; 7 cm tall; one pound and eight ounces.  $40

WASH 32. Saddle Mountain Area Museum Specimen. Full round cypress slice with a striking pattern. Solid and glassy. The golden portion that appears to poke in from one side is organic – something rootish – and it had the effect of preserving the cambium layers between it and the main trunk – this is a rare circumstance and quite interesting. Another world under magnification – mesmerizing. 12 by 17 mirror-polished face; 12 mm thick; one pound and one ounce.  $85 SOLD

WASH 31. Saddle Mountain Cypress. Here’s another old school perfectly solid Saddle Mountain cypress slice, probably a root. 11 by 5 cm mirror-polished face; 12 mm thick; seven ounces.  $25