FJD Washington 30. Douglas Fir. Vantage, WA. Miocene; Columba River Basalt. Gorgeous full round with a fantastic bull’s-eye pattern. Prepared by Bill Rose. Fiberglassed back with sticker: “Souvenir of Ginkgo Petrified Forest Fir”. 18 by 20 cm polished face; 12 mm thick; two pounds. $300 SOLD

FJD Washington 31. Elm. Maryhill, Washington. Columbia River Basalt. Full round slice. This is the finest large fossil wood slice I have ever owned. It has its own page in Ancient Forests on page 66. It’s a work of art. Beautifully prepared by Bill Rose of Vantage. I was fortunate to be able to acquire one of the slices from this incredible log. The colors and patterns are as beautiful as they get. Excellent cell preservation. I sold it in 2006 to an overseas collector when I felt impoverished with two daughters in college and another to go. I was thrilled to be able to buy it back 17 years later. Somewhere along the way the back side was chipped. The chip is not visible from the front but on close inspection one can see associated crazing. I included images of the back and the chip. It’s a beautiful piece, nonetheless. 35 by 40 cm polished face; 2 cm thick; eleven pounds and three ounces. $3000 SOLD

WASH 34. Saddle Mountain or vicinity. Through a dealer friend, I picked up three nice logs from an old (circa 1950s and 1960s) collection in Oregon this summer. Each log is of interest – This is a full round long log section, cut and dome polished on one end. It’s the perfect size to use as a bludgeon. Full round log with one natural end and one that is cut and polished. Full disclosure: the wood is highly opalized. Back in those days, a guy with a jeep could cruise around those hills and pick up load of petrified from the surface. The surface wood was often highly opalized, as is this specimen. It appears to have been completely broken in two and glued together. The exterior has much glue from what I expect was a novice rockhound. Good quality glue was a difficult or impossible item to find in those days – the glue used here was too runny and it ran all over. Also obvious are remnants of a green Sharpie writing: #1 C that has been sanded along with additional areas of the exterior in an apparent attempt to remove some of the glue. Otherwise, it’s pretty darn nice. Index under Rockhound history. 22 cm long; 6 by 6 cm dome-polished face; three pounds and eight ounces. $85

WASH 22. Saddle Mountain Cypress Root. Full round cypress root. Cut and polished on one end, natural on the other. No fillers – No glue. Attractive.  6 by 8.5 cm mirror-polished face; 7 cm tall; one pound and eight ounces.  $40

Washington 22. Saddle Mountain full round limb section. Tertiary cypress with a woody-appearing exterior. The polished face is beautifully preserved in golden tan with a chalcedony center. No glue – No fillers. 10 cm long with a mirror-polished face of 20 by 18 mm; two ounces.   $50

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