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ARG 83. Museum specimen. Patagonia, Argentina. Cerro Quadrado, Jurassic conifer of the species Araucaria mirabilis. Rare specimen round branch end section of Araucaria from the same tree that produced the cones. Almost completely black and white yet deep patterned glassy tight growth rings. One end natural. No filler – No glue. 33 by 48 mm mirror-polished face; 72 mm long; six ounces. $65

FJD ARG 47. Museum specimen. Patagonia, Rio Negro, Argentina. Cretaceous cycadeoid armor section with cone. Back in the 90s I had visions of my older-self spending his golden years making bolo ties. With that in mind, I was always looking for great bolo prospects. Since I cut hundreds of pounds of Argentine cycadeoid, I had much great stuff to choose from. This is a piece that I cut and polished on top and on all edges. It has nice tight diamond frond bases and a full cycadeoid cone. Top cell preservation. No glue – No filler. (PS now a septuagenarian, I have zero interest in making bolo ties.) 1.4 ounces; 6 mm thick with a mirror-polished face measuring 1 by 48 mm.  $150

ARG 85. Museum specimen. Patagonia, Argentina. Cerro Cuadrado, Jurassic conifer, likely of the species Araucaria mirabilis or pararaucaria. Small, black, rare full round branch section. Complete branch section, as found on the exterior and cut and polished on one end. Remarkably solid and glassy – as if it were made from glass by a talented sculptor. Wind-polished exterior. Not much of this glassy black material appeared on the market. No filler – No glue. 27 by 29 mm mirror-polished face; 37 mm long; two ounces.  $75

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