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OR 71. Brogan ghost wood museum quality. Tertiary; Malheur County. A small but a high end full round. Cut and polished on one end. Tubular vessels. Deep translucence. 42 by 42 mm mirror-polished face; 32 mm long; 2.5 ounces.  $40

FJD OR 160. McDermitt Zimmerman Ranch Museum Specimen. Miocene Trout Creek formation. Full round limb section. Cut on both ends and polished on top. Great viewing under magnification with approximately forty growth rings of ring-porous hardwood structures – much eye appeal. No glue/No filler. 43 by 38 mm mirror-polished face; 44 mm tall; five ounces.  $115

FJD OR 132. South Fork Crooked River Museum Specimen. Nice cabinet size. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. The polished face reveals a perfect, smooth image that evokes a rising cloud comprising many concentric rings of agate. Super fine grained. Attractive all around. No glue/No filler. 6 by 6 cm mirror-polished face; 4.5 cm long; seven ounces. $150

OR 58. Brogan Ghost Wood. Nice cabinet size. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. Remarkably perfect face although a bit rough along one edge. Opalized. It is not a cast. Includes ghost of center pith and many growth rings. Knotty exterior. No glue/No filler. 5 by 5 cm mirror-polished face; 5 cm tall; five ounces.  SOLD

FJD OR 146. South Fork Crooked River Museum Specimen. Oligocene; John Day formation. Small full round limbcast that is all woody on the exterior and all agate on the interior, a rare South Fork. One natural end and one end cut and flat-polished to a mirror finish. The exterior is nice all around, displaying obvious wood impression. The gem polished face is a beautiful banded agate. Fossil wood and agate both. Glassy. No glue/No filler. Top eye appeal 41 by 51 mm polished face; 49 mm long; four ounces. $85 SOLD

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