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FJD OR 37. Grassy Mountain. Miocene. Full round limb section with beautiful hardwood structures. One natural end. 8 by 9 cm polished face; 9 cm long; two pounds. $500

FJD OR 38. Grassy Mountain. Miocene. Specimen round conifer that sat out in the elements, battered by wind and blowing sand for millennia, lending it an attractive, rugged exterior and a pleasing patina. Beautiful interior color. One natural end. 6.5 by 7 cm polished face; 10.5 cm long; one pound and nine ounces. $600

FJD OR 160. McDermitt Zimmerman Ranch Museum Specimen. Miocene Trout Creek formation. Full round limb section. Cut on both ends and polished on top. Great viewing under magnification with approximately forty growth rings of ring-porous hardwood structures – much eye appeal. No glue/No filler. 43 by 38 mm mirror-polished face; 44 mm tall; five ounces.  $115

FJD OR 132. South Fork Crooked River Museum Specimen. Nice cabinet size. Cut and polished on one end, otherwise as found. The polished face reveals a perfect, smooth image that evokes a rising cloud comprising many concentric rings of agate. Super fine grained. Attractive all around. No glue/No filler. 6 by 6 cm mirror-polished face; 4.5 cm long; seven ounces. $150

FJD OR 175. South Fork Crooked River.  Full round limb section, cut and polished on one end. A feature of wood from this locality is the color, which can be pink or bluish gray, mostly depending upon the angle of the light. This one has nice color and surface character.  4 by 7 cm face; 8.5 cm long; ten ounces.   $85

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