paperweights: Baccarat, France – millefiori, page 6

PW2762. Rare Baccarat 1960 zodiac church weight. Drawn in staves. Cane “1968” in the closepack. Etched with the Baccarat logo on the base but not engraved. 3 inch diameter; 2 inches tall; one pound and three ounces. Condition is perfect (barely perceptible shelfwear). It’s from the same collection as those in the Baccarat book by Dunlop. $650

PW2900. Baccarat Magnum Museum Piece 1971 Limited Edition. Rooster Gridel concentric millefiori with a ring of 18 Gridel (silhouette) canes on muslin. It is rare to see one of these in such perfect condition. Beautiful and perfectly executed. Condition is like new/excellent. Signature cane “B1971” and engraved on the base with “1971” and “272”. Etched Baccarat logo on base. 3 1/4 inch diameter; 1 7/8 inch height; one pound and five ounces. $450

PW2911. Large Baccarat 1969 unique and delicious mostly blue, but also pale pink and green carpetground with the signs of the zodiac. The canes are combined blue and pink which gives this weight an alluring carpet ground. It’s the best blue one I have owned. Perfect execution. Drawn in golden staves. Cane “B1969” in the closepack. Etched with the Baccarat logo on the base but not engraved with year or number. 3 3/16 inch diameter; 2 1/16 inches tall; one pound and six ounces. Condition is perfect with infinitesimal shelfwear. $750

PW614. Baccarat 1968 Close Concentric Museum piece. The Baccarat millefiori concentric closepacks from the 1950s into the 1980s are the finest and most beautiful concentric closepacks ever made. The design comprises eight rings. One ring includes a date cane of “1968”. Drawn-in staves that make the bottom especially attractive by forming a fantastic blue-yellow-white stave basket. The bottom is marked with the Baccarat logo. Condition is excellent, perfect. 2 7/8 inch diameter; 1 7/8 inches tall; one pound and one ounce. $600

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