paperweights: North American (others)

Paperweights made by North American makers who do not have separate pages on my website.

PW2942. Cathy Richardson Limited Edition Museum Piece. “Alpine Marsh Marigold.” As a resident of the highest state in the Union, I have seen my fair share of high alpine flowers. Cathy has done a great job in reproducing them, preserved in glass for millennia to come. The rocks and succulents are equally accurate and realistic. No other glass artist makes rocks a well as this Harvard-educated doctor of geology. Signed on the side “Cathy Richardson 2014  MMM-017”. 3 inch diameter; 2 11/16 inches tall; one pound, six ounces. Condition: New/Excellent.  $550

PW2983. Roy-al by Johnathan Stone Collector Piece. Here’s another oddball for the hot stamp collectors out there. I had to look it up in Andy Dohan’s book. I found the hot stamp (ROY-AL and the number 8 or 88 and possibly other numbers) listed but I know nothing else about the maker. This is a fairly standard ice pick lily and controlled bubble piece – very well made with three side and one top flat facet. The glass is clear and heavy (as with lead crystal) and the piece is flawless other than very light shelfwear. It has a nice feel to it. 3 1/8 inches in diameter; 2 5/16 inches tall; 2 ¼ inches tall; one pound and three ounces.  $10

PW2316. Louis Kain Museum Piece(circa 1960s-1970s. Louis Kain has to be one of the most obscure paperweight artists who ever twirled a pontil rod. I looked in all my usual sources and the only mention I found was in Andy Dohan’s dictionary of signature canes. The Kain weight he shows has a lampworked pompon much like one of the two in this extraordinarily rare weight.  Signed with his nearly indecipherable LK cane. Condition is excellent. 2 3/16 inch diameter; 1 3/4 inches tall; seven ounces.  $50

PW2716. Joe St Clair, Elwood, Indiana – Magnum Crimp Rose. Joe made these as his high end weights, earning his crimp roses a permanent spot on the list of weights a crimp collector absolutely must have. This is a beautiful made pink crimp rose from the old master himself.  It is interesting that the St Clair family are descendants of glass makers from Alsace-Lorraine, France, home of the famous Saint Louis glassworks. This style is classically American from the heartland of Indiana – as American as apple pie and baseball. This weight is in excellent, like new, condition. The hot stamp on the base reads “JOE ST CLAIR.” No collection of American paperweights is complete without one of these. Joe was born in 1909 and passed away in 1987. He made his last weights in 1984. 3 1/2 inch diameter; 3 7/16 inches tall; two pounds and two ounces.  $325

PW1593. Steve Lundberg Signed 1989 Museum Piece.  A delicate spider lily with red-spotted yellow lampworked petals over six green lampworked leaves. Steve Lundberg passed away in 2008. Signed pieces like this are hard to find. The weight is signed: “Steven Lundberg, Lundberg Studios 1989 011708” along the side of the base. 2 3/4 inches in diameter; 2 3/4 inches tall; one pound and one ounce. The condition is excellent.  $250

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